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VoIP Service Can Support Your Remote Workers


Telecommuting or Remote working has been on the rise. Over the past 7 years, the number of employees working remotely from home jumped almost 80%.  Now almost 3.3 million people work outside of a traditional office setting.  While this increasingly popular trend has presented companies and their employees several benefits such as:  Office space savings, a better work life balance,  and flexible working hours for employees to enjoy, remote telecommuting has a few challenges, also.  Now a manager must change their management style to this new philosophy, and employees need to deal with feelings of isolation and need to learn new ways to interact regularly with their co-workers face to face.


Ho do you best support a remote workforce?  Apart from re-adjusting your management style and communication methods, you need to provide your telecommuting employees with the right tools to stay connected to the business and it’s customers.


A few ways you can do just that is with a Voice over IP (VoIP) system.  VoIP service will allow you to easily do the following:


Complete Regular Video Face to Face Meetings:  Since many managers and employees feel that face-to-face interactions are a regular course of business, a video call as opposed to a telephone call will allow you to communicate a better understanding to one another by utilizing facial cues and gestures just like in person.  Video phone calls are extremely beneficial when building and maintaining rapport among fellow team members.  So stay in touch with your telecommuting staff by scheduled video call check ins.  Some VoIP systems, like ANPI Communications Service , can support video-conferencing right on the phone with their Unified Communications solutions.


Provide Employees with a Mix of Communication Options:  Everyone has their own preferred way to keep in touch,  Some thrive in text and e-mail worlds, others prefer the personal touch and immediate response of a phone or video call.  By integrating your VoIP system with an enterprise communications solution UC platform, you can provide greater flexibility for all of your employees to stay in touch as needed.


By providing options, your telecommuting staff will appreciate having choices.  If they need to solve a challenging problem with a co-worker, then screen sharing allows them to review the same information such as a PowerPoint presentation.  IM integrated with presence information can be big as well.  With one glance, your remote workers can see whether a co-worker is available and contact them from there. Allowing them to pick up the phone or send a quick instant message, this flexibility makes it easier to keep projects moving and get the job done.


Get Flexibility with Devices:  With the arrival of enterprise level mobility from VoIP providers such a ANPI, employees can access their office communications from any device they choose.  So, if you have an employee working from home, you are likely to allow them to use the remote office set-up that works best.  If they prefer a laptop or a desktop, they can access VoIP using a headset or dedicated VoIP phone.  Or they can access the network by using specific apps on their smartphone or tablet.


Many people prefer to have an all-in-one phone because they find it cumbersome to work with separate devices.  These mobility apps are extremely beneficial for the remote worker that travel a great deal, since with VoIP available on their smartphone, they can take their office line with them wherever they go.


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