Five Important VoIP System Features for Your Business

Are you considering a VoIP system for your business.  Here a five features to consider:


1.  Auto Attendant:  This feature welcomes callers with a custom greeting and prompts them to select from various options.  You will not need a person to answer the phone and the auto attendant is available 24/7 and can direct multiple calls at once.


2.  Extensions:  VoIP extension cost less to establish because VoIP service is scalable to expand as the business grows.  VoIP extensions can be used as mailboxes.  They are virtual so there is less hardware to purchase and maintain.  They can consist of prerecorded messages so you do not have to answer the phone.  Also, calls placed within the same VoIP system are usually free.


3.  Follow Me/Find Me:  This feature allows users to set up several number to route calls so they can always be reached, whether it is your office, cell phone, or out of the country.


4.  Chat:  Some software based VoIP phones come with an instant messaging feature such as Lync or Skype that provides presence information to show when people are on-line.  Sometimes it is difficult to reach people so the Chat Feature can help pinpoint when it might be a good time to call and alleviate phone tag.


5.  Conference Calling:  VoIP conference calling allows a call placed with multiple people on multiple lines in a conference instead of requiring every caller to dial into one bridge line.  It can also be less expensive.


The are many options for phone systems and we can help you find the one that will serve your needs best.  As always, consultation and quotes are free.  Call 920-731-3944 or e-mail us at  Be sure to visit our website, for more info.

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