As a small business owner, you have many things to think about other than just your products or services.  In our technology age, IT is one of those components of business that cannot be avoided.  But who has the time and resources to hire an IT specialist?  Outsourcing your IT has many benefits, but the two most significant benefits of outsourcing your small business IT are outlined below. 

  1.  COST!
    Hiring an on-site IT employee can be extremely costly.  In addition to an added salary, you need to make sure your IT specialist has the necessary equipment and most up-to-date training.  Outsourcing your IT allows you to transfer what would be a fixed cost to a variable cost that you can budget for appropriately.  Therefore, you have more control to pay for what is needed.

  2. Quality and Experience
    Do you understand IT lingo?  How do you know what qualifications to look for when you are hiring?  Outsourcing your IT guarantees that your business IT needs will be in the hands of an expert who has experience.  By outsourcing your IT, you can focus your time and energy on your business goals rather than IT decisions.  

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