The time spent dealing with robocalls can be frustrating and take away from business productivity, especially for small business owners who may be asking employees to step away from work to answer phones.  One simple solution to eliminate those robocalls is to utilize your phone’s auto attendant feature.  Auto attendant is pretty common on most business phones.  The way it works is that you essentially trick the robocaller by forcing it to make a selection.  

When a call comes in, it goes to the auto attendant, which is essentially a list of choices.  For instance, the auto attendant could ask the caller to, “press 1 for sales, press 2 for service, or press 3 to speak to an office assistant.”  By creating this selection menu, you set up a system that will cause the robocalls to be dropped.  Robocalls are not designed to make a selection, so the call does not go through and your employees are not interrupted from their work to deal with unnecessary calls.  Contact RanderCom if you need assistance setting up auto attendant on your phone.