unifiedcommunicationsUnified communications (UC) and voice over IP (VoIP) are not only for medium-sized businesses or enterprises. Your small business (SB) can be helped by some of the cost-effective solutions provided by such basic VoIP features as automated directory assistance, call screening, and call routing. With these and other features, an SB will give the appearance of as being a large business. Let’s look at a number of the basic ways VoIP can create a huge difference in communications for SBs.

Telephony Simplified

Communications is the lifeline of business, and VoIP and UC can offer a multitude of benefits over traditional phone lines. VoIP and UC are not just passing fads: they’ve got proven they enhance the way customers are handled. In a public switched telephone network (PSTN), calls are routed by way of a circuit-switched private branch exchange (PBX), while VoIP is transmitted directly over an Internet line, with regards to the number of lines and users you have. SBs more than likely do not need an IP-based PBX and will communicate with an existing broadband line with minimal change.

With VoIP, businesses no longer need another switch: it itself does every one of the switching and routing internally. Enterprises may need a separate IP-based PBX to the thousands of lines they require, but it’s not necessary for SBs because VoIP provides many features which are challenging to access from traditional PSTNs. With VoIP, SBs have an overabundance control over call forwarding, mailbox, etc., and can place calls from your laptop or pc.

Better Customer Support

PSTN lines are aging and having more expensive to mend and replace. These systems often function on the business model created for markets within the 20th century. With the evolution of business communications, you would like to go with something provider that understands your needs and will offer solutions to help you increase your business. VoIP and UC vendors are next-generation providers that offer the most up-to-date technology offered by competitive prices with other VoIP and UC vendors. PSTN providers have branched over to offer high-speed Internet and cable service and might have VoIP plans you can actually switch to and never have to change your current numbers.

Employee Friendly Options

With policies like bring your own device, many employees use their personal smartphones for business; if you’ve got a VoIP system using a downloadable client app, your employees can take their NEC_working_togetheroffice phone together and truly separate work and home phones. VoIP also eases the operation of forwarding calls. An office line might be forwarded to a mobile phone seamlessly with minimal effort.

VoIP could be integrated along with your current system for web and mobile data use, and check here managing the portals of those systems is easy. Find me/follow me is really a useful feature that enables employees for calls at multiple locations on multiple phones. Users can access voicemail from an e-mail message, or voicemail messages can be sent to a mobile phone, eliminating the necessity to remember separate voicemail passwords. The benefits VoIP and UC have over PSTN systems really is limitless, and because you have a SB doesn’t mean you can’t afford to make the most of these technologies.

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