Are you worried about...


Employee Safety

Employee Productivity

Property Damage

Equipment Monitoring


We will help put you at ease with an up-to-date Surveillance System!




We will meet with you to evaluate your needs and find a cost-effective system that fits your business.

Things to consider...


Where  do you want your camera located?

What functionality and features do you want?

How much are you able to spend?

Get High Definition, Real-time Video


Not only can you have a system to record your camera feed, but you can also access the cameras at any time from a mobile device.  You no longer need to worry about what is happening while you are away!

RanderCom can sell and install any type of surveillance/camera system, but have done most of our work with Axis Communications, IC Realtime, Ubiquiti, and UNV.  We can upgrade an existing analog system with cameras that offer better resolution.  We can also set up an IP camera system that offers longer range and greater versatility. 

Whatever your needs or goals are, RanderCom’s staff will work with you to implement the best solution.


Examples of Popular Cameras:

Dome Camera

Dome cameras are a popular option because they have a professional look and are very resistant to vandalism.  They are a deterrent in all directions because it is not clear which way the camera is pointing.  Dome cameras usually have high resolution and the ability to record in low light.


Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras usually have a longer, more focused range.  They are often used for outdoor areas and are easy to install. Bullet cameras are less likely to reflect light or have whiteout images.

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