Access control systems are becoming more affordable and necessary in today’s business world.  There are several different control options you can implement from key pads biometric readers or smart card readers to entry phone solutions. Below is a quick overview of different access control options:

Keypads are access devices that limit entry to authorized personnel that have a preset code.

Key Fobs are individually coded devices that can be distributed to employees and authorized personnel. Fobs can be easily activated or deactivated with a simple computer program.

Access Cards offer the same functionality as key fobs, only in a different design. Access cards can also be used as identity badges and are popular with larger businesses.

Smart Cards are a more sophisticated version of the card access system. There is an additional layer of security encoded on each card for more complex programming.

Biometric Access Control is coded based on an individual’s biological information such as fingerprint, hand print or eye/retina scanning. These system are typically more expensive and used in situations where a high level of security is necessary.

Phone Entry Systems are typically used at businesses and residential facilities where a visitor is required to call an individual in the building to gain access.

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Why Your Business Should Have an Access Control System

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Are you a business owner? If you are, what steps have you taken to protect your business? Access control systems are a great option for securing a building. Outputs of the twenty-first century, access control systems are hardware and software systems that only allow permitted individuals to enter a building. As it stands, they are some of the best security measures on the market. Here are some reasons why your business should invest in an access control system.


The main reason to buy an access control system is for security. Once it is installed, you can designate who can enter the building. From there, you have some options in terms of how you want your employees to gain access. There are passwords, key fobs, cards, and pins to name a few options. Technology has become so advanced that there are also fingerprint and eye scanners available on access control systems.


Make It Fit Your Needs
One of the best features of access control systems is that it can be customized to fit your particular needs. In other words, you can determine the level of security at every entranceway. You have the control to make it as easy or hard to enter your building with this security system.


Don’t Change Your Keys/Locks
Isn’t it a huge nuisance having to replace your keys or change your locks? With an access control system, this is no longer necessary. It will save you all kinds of time and headaches. For example, if an employee were to lose their access card, it can usually be replaced right away.


Day/Time Restrictions
With an access control system, you will no longer forget to lock your front and back doors. You can set your system to keep people out at certain times of the day. In addition, you can also set it to restrict access to all employees on days where your office is closed. You are in control so you can set the rules of when people can enter your building.