Voicemail Unified Messaging


Voicemail integration and Unified Messaging just got easier!

Business communication is rapidly changing as technology makes it easier for staff to be more responsive to client needs no matter where they are. Messaging also empowers them to manage their time more efficiently by blocking out time to complete certain tasks or forwarding important calls to . Every business that utilizes these tools to enhance their business objectives gains a competitive advantage over their competition.

Customers are crazy-busy and expect to be able to leave a message with the correct person at their convenience and on their terms. If that demand is not met, they move on because they just do not have time for unproductive phone tag.

Voicemail or unified messaging does not disregard the importance to individual customer care. Quite the contrary, it enhances small and mid-size businesses’ ability to response and execute transactions more quickly.

Not certain how voicemail or unified communication can help your business operations? Contact RanderCom’s knowledgeable staff to assess your existing communication environment. They will listen to what you want and what your customers expect before recommending a solution.

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