NEC Digital Terminals

Communications has never looked this smart

With NEC’s UNIVERGE Desktop phones, and Wi-Fi and DECT handsets you connect to a world of opportunities. With an illuminated display, navigation cursor and slideshows of your choice, NEC desk phones add an element of style to your business communications. With a wide range of customizable features, these telephones are flexible, easy to use, and provide you with investment protection.

Customizable telephones to match growing business needs

Your communications needs will expand as your business grows. With NEC telephones, you can increase feature functionality through applications support and personalization of your phone. Businesses can choose from our wide assortment the phone that best fits the individual employee’s role. Whether they need a basic single line phone or one with a 60-line console attached, NEC offers a phone to fit everyone’s needs.

Choice of IP or Digital Desktop phones

Whether your business communications are pure IP or any combination of IP and digital, NEC provides a full line of phones that can accommodate your needs. The user interface and the terminal functionality remain the same, so a mix of models can be used without extra training.

Digital Telephones

NEC’s full suite of digital phones and peripherals has a solution for every size business.

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IP Telephones

NEC offers a comprehensive line of IP desktop devices —everything from affordable, entry-level phones to sophisticated IP phones and attendant consoles.

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NEC’s softphone allows remote and mobile workers to take advantage of a full range of productivity enhancing tools right from their computers.

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Touch-Screen Telephone

A full, seven-inch color display with four-finger multi-touch capabilities and a UNIVERGE Multi-Line client that emulates any NEC telephone.

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Wi-Fi Handsets

NEC offers wireless handsets designed for use in an office environment and is perfect for users who need to be reachable or able to access their messages from throughout the building.

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DECT Handsets

On-premises DECT handsets allow employees to be mobile within an organization and are ideal for environments with limited Wi-Fi or cellular coverage.

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Communicate more effectively with the easy to use UNIVERGE 300 Desktop Terminals. The modular design is scalable and customizable to meet the changing needs of your business. These affordable digital phone terminals are a perfect solution for low-tech or small businesses. Features include:

  • Sleek design
  • Call History
  • Personal and system directories
  • Intuitive interfaces with recognizable global icons
  • Separate configurations for each user
  • Optional adapters
    • Analog Record Adapter (ADA)
    • Direct Station Selection (DSS)
    • PSTN Adapter for Analog (PSA)
    • 60 Line Key Direct Station Selection (60DSS)
    • Digital PSTN Adapter for Analog (PSA)
    • Analog Port w/ Ringer (APR)
  • Add personality with customizable side panels and keypads