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Hosted VoIP

Nextiva • 8x8 • RingCentral

A VoIP phone system connects directly to the internet to communicate with offices or remote employees.  The system can be managed through an online web portal.  It requires minimal upfront costs but recurring monthly costs will be higher.  It is good fit for companies of all sizes that are looking to minimize their investment in equipment that can depreciate over time.



NEC - SV9100

A premise-based phone system is thought of as a traditional phone system (PBX) that can be digital or IP based. It can easily integrate all types of communication equipment including overhead paging and analog devices. This type of system typically requires a higher upfront investment, but monthly recurring costs will be low.  A premise-based phone system can be managed by RanderCom or on-staff IT personnel.




A hybrid business phone system combines the best of cloud-based and on-premise systems.  The system can be managed through an online web portal. It provides the highest level of redundancy for companies that cannot afford to have down time with their phone system.  A hybrid system requires onsite system equipment and typically carries a higher overall cost of ownership.


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