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Eliminating Robocalls at your Business

The time spent dealing with robocalls can be frustrating and take away from business productivity, especially for small business owners who may be asking employees to step away from work to answer phones.  One simple solution to eliminate those robocalls is to utilize your phone’s auto attendant feature.  Auto attendant is pretty common on most business phones.  The way it works is that you essentially trick the robocaller by forcing it to make a selection.  

When a call comes in, it goes to the auto attendant, which is essentially a list of choices.  For instance, the auto attendant could ask the caller to, “press 1 for sales, press 2 for service, or press 3 to speak to an office assistant.”  By creating this selection menu, you set up a system that will cause the robocalls to be dropped.  Robocalls are not designed to make a selection, so the call does not go through and your employees are not interrupted from their work to deal with unnecessary calls.  Contact RanderCom if you need assistance setting up auto attendant on your phone.

Customer Relationship Management System Through Your Phone

Are you a small business owner who thinks a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is out of your league?  Does the cost of these systems just seem to high?  Nextiva introduced the NextOS, which levels the playing field for small businesses.  The NextOS uses your phone system as the platform for a CRM system.  It integrates your phone system with other customer communication records.  When a customer calls, you automatically get real-time information about that customer, as well as a history of interactions with that customer.  NextOS is an excellent option for small businesses to utilize the CRM system at an affordable price.

NextOS includes four main features that will make your business run more efficiently:

  1. Call Pop – When a customer calls, account information, sentiment, and past interactions show up right on your screen.  You will know your customers instantly when they call your business.
  2. Sentiment Analysis – Track every interaction customers have had with your business. See their past experiences to get a complete picture of their customer journey.
  3. Analytics – Get real insights on your entire business. Understand customers down to an individual level.  Collect your best insights onto data dashboards.
  4. Automation – Free your entire company from busywork with automations that utilize your business data to make smart decisions on autopilot.

Call RanderCom at (920) 731-3944 to learn more about NextOS and its affordable pricing. 

Outsourcing IT for your Small Business

As a small business owner, you have many things to think about other than just your products or services.  In our technology age, IT is one of those components of business that cannot be avoided.  But who has the time and resources to hire an IT specialist?  Outsourcing your IT has many benefits, but the two most significant benefits of outsourcing your small business IT are outlined below. 

  1.  COST!
    Hiring an on-site IT employee can be extremely costly.  In addition to an added salary, you need to make sure your IT specialist has the necessary equipment and most up-to-date training.  Outsourcing your IT allows you to transfer what would be a fixed cost to a variable cost that you can budget for appropriately.  Therefore, you have more control to pay for what is needed.

  2. Quality and Experience
    Do you understand IT lingo?  How do you know what qualifications to look for when you are hiring?  Outsourcing your IT guarantees that your business IT needs will be in the hands of an expert who has experience.  By outsourcing your IT, you can focus your time and energy on your business goals rather than IT decisions.  

Check out our IT Support page or Contact Us to see how RanderCom can help you with your small business IT needs.

Why Having a Business Phone System is Important

Why Having a Business Phone System is Important

In the age of the internet, it’s easier than ever for businesses to communicate with just about anybody in the world through text or email. We’ve grown accustomed to typing a message and having it arrive to its designated receiver in seconds. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the desire for personal interaction. In a world where it’s becoming increasingly common to be sent an email or be directed through an impersonal, robotic automated operator, any business who integrates a phone system is a step above the rest in terms of team communication and customer satisfaction. The way businesses interact with people – whether internally, or with its customers, speaks volumes, and the ability to call and connect with somebody has the potential to greatly enrich the customer experience. A business phone system may not seem like a drastic improvement, but it offers a lot of benefits to small businesses.

  1.  Phone systems provide customers a secure and reliable way to communicate with members of your team. Giving your company a voice can help improve customer service, as well as increase sales.
  2. Having one centralized phone system is more cost effective and less of a security risk than paying for a mobile line for every team member. It is also easy to add more lines to the phone system as your company expands.
  3. Seamlessly connect team members to ensure that every person on your team is only a phone call away. Business phone systems makes team members accessible, and improves communication to keep your company operating smoothly and help it reach its full potential.

RanderCom is an authorized NEC dealer in Wisconsin and Michigan, and an authorized agent for several different hosted/hybrid providers. If your company is ready to foster a more personal connection to your customers, RanderCom can help. To learn more about what we can do for your business click here or call us at (920) 731- 3944.

What is VoIP?

What is VoIP?

What it is:

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a service which allows you to wirelessly make phone calls over IP networks such as the internet. Through the use of an application or adaptor, you no longer need to rely on a traditional telephone line or long-distance service to communicate. As long as you have access to high speed internet, VoIP makes it possible to convert verbal communication into digital signals which is then sent to its designated receiver before being converted into a regular telephone signal. Because of this, people are now able to make calls anywhere.


What this means:

With VoIP, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to a smart phone with VoIP capabilities or an application from a VoIP expert, you have the ability to reach your consumer. VoIP allows businesses to interact with customers as if they were in the same city, when they may be on the other side of the world. Through the use of VoIP systems, businesses are now able to break into markets previously unavailable to them, and are able to provide products and services no matter where their consumer is located. For local businesses, VoIP has the potential to provide global visibility and greater accessibility.


What you need:

To begin making calls using VoIP, you’ll need access to high speed internet. Additionally, an adaptor or special phone may be required. Providers of VoIP services will work with you to figure out the best way for you to begin communicating to your global audience. If your company is ready to embrace this new technology and start making a global impact, RanderCom can help. To learn more about what we can do for your business click here or call us at (920) 731- 3944.

VoIP Saves More Than Just Money and Time for Your Business

VoIP Saves More Than Just Money and Time for Your Business

New innovation can assist a company to take advantage of cutting edge methods to boost procedures. Frequently, entrepreneur have an objective in thoughts when they embrace a brand-new modern technology that includes not just saving money money and time however likewise developing brand-new company, more procedures, as well as boosted interaction. Voice over IP (VoIP) could aid operations accomplish these objectives.

Regional Visibility

VoIP enables you to interact with your consumers as if they remained in the very same city as you, also when they typically aren’t. Simply put, you could get into brand-new markets by broadening your operations throughout the countryside or throughout the arena. You could ask for regional telephone number with suppliers such as RingCentral, which enables you to pick a regional telephone number in any type of certain area to make sure that you could develop a neighborhood link. This is advantageous to those attempting to reach you from a landline without the demand for long-distance solution.


VoIP offers the alternative to go mobile with your interactions. With a typical landline, you’re connected to the area of your line as marked by your phone company. If you should relocate workplaces, whether throughout the hall or throughout the city, doing this needs by hand rerouting your telephone number, which could be difficult. With VoIP, your number takes a trip with you any place you go since it’s linked to your account, not to a bodily place. As long as you have an IP link to your online, your phone system determines it as a smartphone it understands is on the network, no matter bodily place. You could take this an action additionally by connecting a smart phone to your VoIP system or downloading your VoIP expert’s application to your cellphone.

Arrange Your Telephone calls

Keep in mind the days when you called an operations and also obtained an active signal? Annoyed, you either disconnected or called back a couple of minutes later on, with the concern simply intensified by the phone aggravation. With VoIP, calls could be directed effortlessly via auto-assistants, which work as an assistant. Customers are welcomed by a voice inquiring a couple of concerns that can help course them either to typically requested from inquiries or live drivers at different divisions. This technique of telephone call transmitting is far more efficient as well as reliable compared to on a standard phone network.

Much less Upkeep

As standard phone systems how to become harder and also costly to keep, operations are locating themselves investing even more money and time to service them. You could change the demand for phone wardrobes real estate complex circuitry with even more cost-efficient software application or interactions with an organized personal branch exchange (PBX). With an organized PBX, your telephone calls are handled at a VoIP service provider’s area.

Enterprise-Class Quality for Local business

If you’re a local business proprietor, VoIP could make you seem like an industry. Past the common functions of VoIP, you could obtain innovative attributes with VoIP operations remedies to enhance performance as well as partnership. Attributes such as the auto-assistant pointed out previously; innovative phone call directing; songs on hold; visibility; locate me, use me; and also numerous others aid small companies forecast a big operations account. Lots of people really feel much more comfy managing huge, well well-known operations, so the impression of being a big business could in fact assist you expand your company.

To Learn more about what VoIP can do for your business call us at (920) 731- 3944

5 Ways a Small Business Can Reduce IT Costs and Increase Value

5 Ways a Small Business Can Reduce IT Costs and Increase Value

5 methods for small companies to minimize their IT prices without decreasing the worth that it supplies.

Local business hardly ever have sufficient cash, as well as doing a lot more with much less is as considerably component of running business as attracting brand-new clients. The good news is, innovation could assist.Modern day technology could assist in making small to Mid sized companies IT a lot more reliable, as well as IT functions as terrific equalizers when man-hours as well as resources are limited. The consumerization of IT as well as the cloud solutions change are particularly helpful for local business, supplying an aiding hand without large financial investments in time or cash.Modern technology additionally could be a price facility, and also tiny companies require to see that they maintain their IT budget plans in check.

1. Take advantage of cloud solutions

While cloud solutions are usually associated to leasing, as well as renting out is consistently a lot more costly compared to finding outright, the expense financial savings originated from not needing to preserve specific equipment or software application, and also not needing to pay for the workers to update as well as keep it. When top priorities change or real usage situations confirm various compared to anticipated, the capability to pay-as-you-go additionally reduces down on unneeded assets.

Concentrate on web site, data backup as well as high accessibility initially, after that relocate applications to shadow company.

Local business could make use of cost-free starter variations of cloud software program, also, considering that usually the totally free versions are suffice for local business requirements.Obtain prepared for some substantial expense financial savings if your IT systems still are partly or totally on-premise as software program you mount on a computer system.Shift as much as you can to the cloud as feasibly possible. We are now in the golden era of cloud-based software application. Company devices that were once readily available to large business are economical as well as now easily accessible to companies of all dimensions.

A Constellation Research study claims very first relocating e-mail, storage space, internet site, advertising and marketing automation, advancement procedures and also screening to the cloud.

2. Go open source.

Free, area software application when was associated with insufficient or substandard remedies, yet those days are gone. Software program that local business do not relocate to the cloud could generally be changed with cost-free, open source remedies that supply the exact same capability however without the price.

It’s okay to utilize open source software as well as complimentary solutions if they fit your demands, yet simply keep in mind that they will not pay attention to your demands in the future due to the fact that you’re not paying them,  but they can work well.

Open  source software application could minimize IT expenses, yet maintain use standard as well as prevent the lure to personalize the open source remedies or depend on them for mission-critical company features.The one caution is understanding the restrictions of “cost-free” software application.3. Maintain it straightforward.

While the best IT arrangement may seem great, it draws time and also sources that are a lot better invested in other places. Search for an 80 percent option that finishes the job as opposed to the ideal option that calls for personalization or several options interacting together.

Attempt not to over-customize software application as well as modern technology, Discover the most effective fit initially then function from there.

Mentioning modification, simply prevent IT personalization typically for reduced IT prices.

Small companies could reduce their IT budget plans by minimizing innovation dependence to the least variety of systems, also when this comes with the expense of best-of-breed. For smaller companies, software application collections such as ZoHo make considerably a lot more feeling.

4. Supply existing use frequently.

Local business owners typically overstate their readiness to alter practices as well as embrace brand-new devices, Small company proprietors ought to see to it that they are visiting maximize the software program solutions they spend for.

When the demand has actually been lowered or removed, it is simpler compared to ever before to bring in modern technology as well as solutions to the life of a company as well as maintain paying for those solutions also. Remaining on leading of real innovation usage could aid cut unnecessary cloud options and also price.

Be practical concerning real requirements as well as routines just before spending in modern technology in the initial location, be it an internet solution, bodily gadget or boxed software application option.

5. Employ freelance.

Local business could do much more with a lot less via the marketplace of independent proficiency, as well as this likewise allows them to just spend for exactly what they in fact require.

Modern technology has actually never ever been a better component of the typical little company compared to it is today. The IT spending plan does not require to mirror this fact, nevertheless, many thanks to the accessibility of choices on the market. If a little company recognizes its demands as well as maintains it basic, there’s lots of space for reducing its IT spending plan.

The use of freelance solutions like oDesk or Elance, permits you to gain access to skilled as well as assessed specialists just before you determine if you desire them on the group for full time job.

We are now in the gold age of cloud-based software application. Company devices that were as soon as simply offered to really huge business are economical and also now available to companies of all dimensions.

The modern technology a company selects is simply component of the price, and also small companies could suffice expenses and also bring in experience at the very same time by outsourcing their IT workers should the hill of freelance as well as part-time employees promoting their solutions on the net.

Innovation has actually never ever been a majority of the typical small company compared to it is today. The IT spending plan does not have to show this fact, nonetheless, many thanks to the accessibility of choices on the marketplace. There’s lots of space for diminishing its IT spending plan if a little company recognizes its demands and also maintains it straightforward

4 Reasons Now Is the Time to Upgrade your Business Phone System

new Phone SystemTelephony as well as communications systems for business globe are entering their very own, as linked interactions (UC) merchants have actually started offering richer attributes and mobile access to their cloud platforms. Still others are starting to look towards integrating their communications platforms straight within company software program for higher efficiency gains. If your business is utilizing a legacy phone system, now is an exceptional time to consider upgrading. Not just can you appreciate price and performance advantages, however you will also be well positioned to make the most of future technology possibilities down the road. Here are 4 needs to update your older phone system for present modern technology.

Mobility and Remote Gain access to

If you’re using a legacy system, it’s likely that your choices for mobile access are restricted. If your team should access their workplace phone line while taking a trip, they may have to call in and enter a difficult collection of commands to access voicemail features. UC mobility apps allow individuals to send and also get calls from their workplace line on their mobile device of option, and they additionally offer hassle-free access to voicemail in addition to other basic voice over IP (VoIP) features.

You might additionally find that your options for offering remote accessibility to telecommuting employees are rather limited as well as doing not have in adaptability or that they call for additional initiative from the IT team to run the means you would such as. The majority of today’s UC and VoIP systems are designed by default to provide full access regardless of area and also device. Anyone functioning from home or logging in from the airport could join a meeting by means of video conversation or dash off a quick immediate message as though they were in the workplace, which improves their efficiency and makes their working life much easier, too.

Price Adaptability for companies

Tradition phone systems are not known for being budget plan pleasant, and also they are specifically susceptible to inducing sticker label shock when the time comes to update or substantially increase your systems. Cloud UC and also VoIP systems are valued based upon customer licenses, with the company consisting of as well as managing upkeep as well as system upgrades instantly, so it’s easier to expect as well as prepare for your expenses without experiencing any type of undesirable shocks. The licensing design is also scalable, enabling you to dial your application up or down baseding on your requirements. This flexibility can be especially beneficial to businesses experiencing fast growth.

Business Continuity in the Event of a Catastrophe

A lot of today’s UC remedies possess a cloud choice, meanings that of the telephone systems and messaging solutions run on the provider’s web servers as opposed to expensive equipment situated in your business’s information facility. The cloud model supplies some distinctive company continuity advantages where unexpected emergency and also calamity situations are concerned. Rather than having to execute expensive calamity recuperation remedies that call for considerable management expenses to carry out, your team could still access the core communications systems– phones, instantaneous message, video clip conversation, and also screen sharing– that they should do their operate in the occasion of a failure or an emergency event.

If a calamity emerges, quick communication between team, and afterwards to vital stakeholders will go to the leading of your concern list. You could conserve yourself some migraines by ensuring that your interaction systems, by being hosted in the cloud, will still await you when you require them. In addition, this capacity is included in the overall licensing price. No extra charge is associated with it since it comes specification in all organized UC strategies.

Opportunities for Future Company Combination

Not just are UC systems coming to be much more sophisticated with mobile as well as cloud gain access to, they are additionally at the point of coming to be a lot more integrated and also fit together within business applications themselves. Some UC suppliers are beginning to companion with business software platforms– the recent RingCentral– Google for Job assimilation is but one example– enabling users to access their phones as well as messaging systems from directly within the browser tab where they are working. If your firm is planning ahead to future performance gains and advancement it want to give the office, you could additionally intend to take into consideration upgrading to a UC maintain therefore.
If you are still making use of a heritage phone system at your company? You should be thinking about updating absolutely free? Contact Randercom today to learn about what a new telephone system can do for you call (920) 731-3944.