NEC Digital Terminals

NEC SV8100 Digital Terminal

NEC terminals

Communicate more effectively with the easy to use UNIVERGE 300 Desktop Terminals. The modular design is scalable and customizable to meet the changing needs of your business. These affordable digital phone terminals are a perfect solution for low-tech or small businesses. Features include:

  • Sleek design
  • Call History
  • Personal and system directories
  • Intuitive interfaces with recognizable global icons
  • Separate configurations for each user
  • Optional adapters
    • Analog Record Adapter (ADA)
    • Direct Station Selection (DSS)
    • PSTN Adapter for Analog (PSA)
    • 60 Line Key Direct Station Selection (60DSS)
    • Digital PSTN Adapter for Analog (PSA)
    • Analog Port w/ Ringer (APR)
  • Add personality with customizable side panels and keypads